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Community Reforestation

Our Mae Taeng Reforestation Project is committed to the earth and social justice – one tree at a time.

In recent years, destructive profit-seeking elephant camps have ravaged some of the provincial forests in Northern Thailand, letting an overpopulation of elephants eat their way through acres of trees, and cutting down too much bamboo without replanting. Nayok Satyien recognized this not only as an environmental issue, but one of human rights. For years, local hill-tribes have been able to maintain their own forests, using them as needed, but harvesting and protecting it as well. Now, thanks to irresponsible tourist companies, many acres now stand barren that used to be flourishing with plant life. Not only is this loss of trees detrimental to our global environment, hill tribes that used to live in harmony with their forests are now without resources to maintain their way of life.

Thai Elephant Home
is committed to helping this issue with their own reforestation project that both volunteers and locals partake in. The Home has a special children's education project in the village where we teach kids about environmental issues so that they willl grow up to be leaders in the community to help deal with issues like reforestation while also bringing prosperity to the community.

Backpackers and tourists can pay a small price and really make a difference in the community. Tourists can spend the day planting trees and maintaining the new forests, or, for an even greater impact, donations can “buy” a plot of community forest. Your donation will not only plant trees on this 10-acre space, but hire local Thais to water, weed, and build fire walls around it so that it grows healthy. This is not only helping the earth but provides jobs to local communities.

So far, Nayok Satyien’s project has plants over 10,000 trees in his sub-district!

If you, too, have a passion for sustainability and justice, please see our Tree Planting program or donate and learn more here about our Reforestation Project.