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7 Day Volunteer Program


Volunteers play in important role at the Thai Elephant Home.  Volunteers work daily with our staff to complete a variety of specific activities, all of which help keep the camp running smoothly.  While doing their job, the volunteers will learn about our elephants, our mahout, our staff and the Mae Taman village community.


The list of activities a volunteer can do while at Thai Elephant Home include:

1. Assisting our English speaking Thai tourguides with our One-Day or Two-Hour Programs
• Job Shadowing Tour Guides on the One-Day Program
• Job Shadowing Tour Guides on the Morning Two-Hour Program
• Job Shadowing Tour Guides on the Afternoon Two-Hour Program

2. Cleaningcutting and collecting
• Sweeping office area
• Cleaning elephant poo and surrounding stable areas
• Cutting grass along the jungle path used on the One Day Program  
• Collecting elephant poo from the jungle path used on the One Day Program  

3. Cutting grass or corn and pulling weeds
• Cutting and bundling grass or corn to feed the elephants 
• Pulling weeds from the fields of elephant grass

4. Laundry of guest mahout clothing
• Washing the guest mahout clothing
• Ironing the guest mahout clothing

5. Kitchen:  help cook and learn Thai cooking isthroughout the year
• Helping to prepare dinner

6. Teaching English
• Teaching English at the Mae Taman elementary school
• Teaching English to the Thai Elephant Home staff and workers
• Teaching English to people from Mae Taman Village

7. Reforestation
• Planting trees in mountains 
• Building and clearing firebreaks in the mountains
• Clearing land for reforestation 

You could be our next volunteer!

Book Now!

Call 0894342047

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Includes:  Transportation, insurance, housing and meals at the elephant camp.
Bring:  Sunglasses, sunblock, insect spray, hat, gloves, long trousers and long sleeve shirts for grass cutting, tennis shoes, flip flops or sandals and camera.

Please note:  Due to unforeseen weather conditions during the rainy season (May - September) the volunteer's daily schedule may have to change accordingly.  Thai Elephant Home asks for your patience since the camp has no control over such conditions.
    Price   18,000.00 Baht/Person.   BOOK NOW!