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Give your favorite elephant food and snacks with your donation.


• 1,000 Baht helps pays for 1 month of bananas.
• 3,000 Baht helps pays for 3 months of sugar cane.
• 6,000 Baht helps pay for 6 months of corn and grass.
• 12,000 Baht helps pay for 1 year of corn, grass and bananas.

Put a smile on your favorite elephant’s face today!


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I’m ……Wan.  I’m an outgoing female elephant with a funpersonality and dynamic acting skills. I was once filmed in an American documentary.  I now have my sights on winning an Oscar.  I was born in 2005 and am always looking for my next gig.  

Pakboon.  I’m laid back easy going female elephant but Ican be a little lazy at times. Ihowever you have a banana or some sugar cane in your bag I’ll do anything for you! We’ll be best of friends foreverI was born in 2003.

Jampar.  Many people say I’m a very good-looking male elephant with my high masculine forehead, dreamy eyesand long beautiful ivory tusks. I’m a favorite with guestswho frequently want to have their picture taken with me.  I was born in 2004.

Ruby.  With my long legs I’m an athletic female elephantwho likes to do yoga in the morning! I’m one of the camp’s friendly greeters. If you stop and say Sawadee to me I’ll bow to you as I cross my front legs and say hello in return.  I was born in 2004.

Neung.  I’m a comical female who is extremely playful.  The mahouts call me Crazy Number One! I hold the special honor of once having had the Grandson of the King of Thailand sit on my backIt was so thrilling! I was born in 2006.

Morge.  Some people think I’m the matriarch of the herd because of my enormous sizeYou see I’m the camp’sbiggest female elephant weighing in at nearly 4 ton.  I might look a little scary when you first see me, but in reality I’m the most gentile giant you’ll ever meet. I was born in 1992.

New. I’m an active young female elephant who was once a performer. When guests walk by me I lift my trunk high in the air to say hello.  Of course when I greet guests I’m really-really-really hoping they’ll give me a banana or some sugar cane in return.   I was born in 2000.

Maetong. Some folks say I’m a smooth riding female elephant. I like to take good care of our guests.  If I think the guest riding me is a little nervous I simply clamp my ears tight to my body to help hold my rider in place. The guests pat my head to show me they truly appreciate my proactive sensitivity. was born in 1987.

T.J.  I’m a very modest female elephant who the mahoutonce voted the best elephant at the camp.  Maybe that’s because I’m a very mellow and get along with all the otherelephants in the herdBig or small I love them all. I was born in 1983.

BoonchuI’m an attractive female elephant with long beautiful eyelashes and a distinctive classy bump on my forehead. For an Asian elephant I’m quite large and because of this everyone says I’m a very comfortable ride. Iwas born in 1970.

MopatorYou can call me Mo or you can call me ScoobieDoo, but never call me shorty!  I am the camptallest elephant.  Although I’m a big female elephant, I walk lightly along the jungle paths making my ride very meditative and relaxing.  I was born in 1993.

Loong T.  I’m a loveable young male elephant with short little tusks.  With my long gold hair I’m sometimes mistaken for California surfer.  Others however look at my curious pink skin and think I’m a rare white elephant.  Iwas born in 2009.

Mae Boon.   It’s a big job raising my famous son Dumbo.He keeps me very busy especially since everyone has suchhigh expectations of me!  Visitors tell me I’m an excellent mother, which makes me feel very goodDumb is a good son. I was born in 1992.

Dumbo. I’m one of the nursery’s adorable baby elephants.  Daily I eagerly await the arrival of guests knowing they’ll give me lots of bananas. I have lots of energy and although I can’t fly like Dumbo yet, when I play with guests I run around so quickly they think I can fly!  I was born 22 August 2014.

Boon Nam. I love being a mom.  Aom-Gordam is my little girl.  Although I’m big lady tipping the scale at a little over 4 ton, people say I’m the most elegant elephant in the whole herd. Riding me is so comfortable.  It’s something like sitting peacefully at home in your most comfortableoverstuffed chair. I was born in 1992.

Aom-Gord.  Everyone says I’m a cute little baby girl, which I use to my advantage to entertain guests.  When I’m not with visitors I’m with my best friend Dumbo. We love to roll around in the mud before taking a bath together in the river.  I was born on 20 December 2014 at the Thai Elephant Home Nursery.

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