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Bathing with Elephants

After your mud spa treatment, it's likely that both you and your elephant will need a bath. Luckily, there is a river only a few minutes away where you and your elephant can swim and play in to get clean from the long ride

Being a Mahout

Depending on how long you stay, you will get to do a variety of activities, chores and customs with the elephants and their mahouts. You will go from the basics - riding and learning commands for the elephant - to more advanced mahout training. You will clean the elephants and their homes, cut grass, feed the elephants, and of course make good friends with these gentle giants. At the end of the volunteer program you receive a certificate of all the work you've accomplished - and become an official Ban Chang mahout!


Black Mud Spa

Thai Elephant Home is one of only two places in Thailand you can find this amazing black mud! Rich in magnesium and calcium, it is great for the elephant's skin - but also for people. The elephants have a great ability to find this mud in watering holes so that they can roll around in it - feel free to join them in this great spa treatment!


Riding and Training

After a few simple instructions, you'll learn to hop on the elephant and direct it where you want to go before you take them through the mountainous forest. The elephants are very playful and easy to ride.... You'll be a mahout in no time!


Tree Planting

After years of misuse, the community forest is in dire condition. Thai Elephant Home is deeply concerned and runs a reforestation project associated with the elephant home. Every customer who attends during the rainy season gets the opportunity to plant a tree. The rest of the year, contact us to learn about ways you can help maintain the forest during your stay. You can also donate and learn more to help the community in its efforts to create a sustainable and healthy forest for many generations.

Do Your Part
With our tree-planting packages, you can spend the entire day helping the community by planting trees. You can also help buy a plot of community forest to maintain or sponsor a tree. Do your part as a responsible tourist and help the local MaeTaeng community!

To Donate: You can contribute on Paypal and email Joe at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , subject Tree Project, and we will put your donation aside for saving local forest!


Thank you very much!!! Khap Khun Kha!!!